IELTS preparation course starting in April

We are glad to announce that our school will run IELTS preparation course starting in April. The course will be taught by a certified IELTS instructor. If you plan to work or study abroad, it is a great opportunity to […]


IELTS is recognised and trusted by individuals and organisations worldwide for its fairness, reliability and high quality standards. It measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. […]


A weekend full of fun and English for kids up to 13 year old. Native speakers, organised games, fun lessons, speaking English all day. September 14th – 17th.     More.

Septembrový zápis

Zápis do jesenného semestra 2017 sa bude konať od 11ho do 15ho septembra v priestoroch školy na Nevädzovej 5. Príďte sa otestovať a pozrieť si náš štýl výučby. Semester odštartujeme v pondelok 18.9. Tešíme sa na vás! Kurzy tu.